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I really am pissed at my siblings

I hate the fact that my siblings always have to be so neg. towards me I mean every time I try and do something I like they either want to do it too and make me look stupid or they have to make fun of it(just like my dad) as for my parents my dad says he'd support me no matter what but that's all a lie and I know it I mean seriously what parent would say they would support their child but also point out that what they were doing was pointless and that they shouldn't do it.(Hypocrite) My mom doesn't really understand nor does she really care so yeah. My life sucked they day that I was ignored and wasn't even complimented on how cute I was as a child it was always my siblings I mean saying that a 2year old(little brother) and a 5year(little sister) are cute is understandable but to ignore a 6year old that's just harsh. All of my life I am always a nobody and I will forever will be.

Last of November and Yesterday!


A cultural festival in Hiroshima and I dressed up as if I were in Nepal.

(Me on the Left and Akiko a friend on the Right)

Getting ready for a Tea Ceremony-おいし!


^(These are a few of the nature of Japan)^

(ひな Dolls)

Night Safari

Yes it is what it says in my heading. On the 27th of August I went to a zoo that let you see the animals at night, at first I thought it was cool and it kinda was until I realized that if I wanted to take pictures I was like okay all I needed was the flash and then when we got to the zoo guess what the first thing they said was. Guess? Did you figure it out if so then yeah I couldn't use the stinking flash and even when I did the pics look stupid. Ah who cares I'll show you some like a disappearing elephant some friends that I went with and what not.

(Poster of the Safari)


(Tarzan's Family)

(Pink Flamingo~screw the spelling~)

(Sonic the Hedgehog...not really just some giant porcupine)

(The disappearing elephant I tell you he was there when I took it)

(See it here)


(Our guide is dead....tired)

Golden Week

Well on the 3rd of May I fell down the stairs and landed on my butt pretty hard then I left for my cousins house and spent the night the next day I went to visit their grand parents(their mothers parents, my uncles wife) It was very peaceful for they live in the country. When we came back we had home-made okonomiyaki which was yummy~! Then I went home and fell down the stairs again. Today I met new people and we might go to Space World an amusement park.


(One of my cousins and her pet rabbit)

さくら (Sakura)

Well as it stands I got sun burnt and and I also had fun for I went to class today and for lunch I went and saw Sakura as well as had a picnic lunch with my classmates and senseis.

Isn't it pretty?


About 4 more weeks!!!

I am goning to be leaving in about 4 more weeks for Japan!


Life is weird in so many ways.

Okay so about a month ago my parents came back from a 2 weeks vaca. (along with my kid bro.)from Japan they went to visit family and well when they came back they told me that if I were to learn Japanese and a whole lot of other things then I would be able to live with them there. As usual there is always a catch to these kind of things and the catch is that I have to find a job so that I could afford an airline ticket and I need to know some what of the language so that I can at least manage to get from point A to point B if you catch my drift.


Okay Just Blowing Off Steam......

Have you ever been told that life is easy especially finding a job all you have to is seek and you shall receive. Ha I laugh at that cause in this society your only chances at getting a job without experience is if you know the person how lame is that I say where is the justice in that?!?



We are bound by emotions, but we are still unique. You judge us because we break the rules or laws. We are the ones that are played or diseased. With everyone being judgmental the world shall fall and die. Death shall reign the world and destruction will rise. There you have it the worlds chaos is being born.